Consignment Terms & Conditions

Next to New is a consignment store in which we accept and sell Quality Furniture, Home Décor Items, Jewelry, Glassware, Art Work, Lighting, and Antiques & Collectibles.

Items are contracted on consignment for a 5 month time period, and the consigner will receive 50% of the selling price. Items will be priced by the owners of Next to New and their trained staff. It is our goal to sell your belongings for the best price possible, while providing our buying customers with a great value and quality product. We discount any item that is priced over $45.00 after 30 days of being on the sales floor by 10%. This will happen 3 times within the 5 months of the contract. *Jewelry and Antique items are exempted from this reduction and their selling price will remain firm throughout the whole 5 months. Items may be priced firm, with no reduction, upon request of the consigner or by consideration of the store owners. Consignors are allowed to drop off up to 3 boxes once per month of small items. All furniture needs to be pre-approved and seen first by the owner by scheduling an appointment, or sending a photo via email before it is brought into the store.

You can schedule an appointment for a look at of furniture and antique items you wish to consign free of charge. During an in home inspection of your furniture and items, the owner will give you the pricing of the items in which they will be sold in the store, prior to pick up or drop off of your items. Please call ahead of time to schedule your appointment.

  • Next To New accepts antiques, furniture, artwork, accessories, glassware, china, and collectables. We do not accept appliances, stereos, window coverings, bed linens, or waterbeds.
  • All items must be clean, polished, complete and in working order, and not in need of refinishing or reupholstering. (Some exceptions are made for antiques.)
  • We have the option to reject items we feel are unsalable in our market.
  • Pick-up and delivery service is available upon request.

  • The consignor will receive 50% of the final selling price.
  • Items may be withdrawn by consignor at anytime.
  • Next To New has the option of canceling the contract upon their discretion.
  • All appraisals and pick-ups are by appointment only.
  • Next To New is not responsible for any loss or damage. When your items are with us, we will do our best to protect them. Please check with your insurer to ensure proper coverage.